Four Pillars


Attending spiritual retreats, pilgrimages, and local Bible studies will expand your knowledge of your faith and culture. Being in the ACYO will broaden your mind and expose you to your heritage and identity as an Armenian.

Events: Bible studies, religious conferences, Armenian cultural lectures, debates and discussions, etc.


It is important, as members of the ACYO, that we celebrate our Christian heritage by attending church on Sundays to strengthen our personal religious practices outside of the church with family and friends.

Events: Attending liturgy, performing and attending Vesper services, community prayer, etc.


As an ACYO member, you will have multitudinous opportunities to volunteer with your peers during parish-hosted events, learning how to take on the reins of the generation before you to help improve your local community.

Events: Community service, volunteering at shelters, donating backpacks and school supplies to Armenia, helping out in our local communities, volunteering during major church events, etc.


Reaching out to others and connecting with friends is a focal point of the ACYO. Being involved in ACYO will not only expose you to many new opportunities, but it gives ample time to network and make long-lasting connections.

Events: Jeopardy/game nights, movie nights, hikes, lock-ins, bowling, barbecues, career fairs, dances, etc.