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RECLAIM is an annual conference held at the Western Diocese Headquarters about the Faith of the Armenian Church. 

St. nersess seminary

St. Nersess Armenian Seminary provides quality education and training to our seminarians, current clergy, and the community. Its commitment to the growth of the Armenian Church will be achieved through the continuing education of current priests, the support and training of Armenian priests from abroad, research and educational opportunities for exchange faculty and students, and the continuation of our 50+ year tradition of summer youth conferences and deacons’ training programs. St. Nersess Armenian Seminary is the only seminary in the Western Hemisphere.


Nerouj, an Armenian word meaning “inner strength”, simply formalizes the well-known proverb: "It takes a village." We are the inner strength behind that village.

Under the leadership of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church of North America, the parent organization behind Nerouj, this diverse team is committed to developing a new platform for communication between Armenian youth and Los Angeles-based professionals.


iGorts is a program that invites Diaspora Armenian professionals to serve in the public sector and in the government of the Republic of Armenia.