Hye camp

Why you should attend camp!

Attending camp Hye Camp is an experience that stays with you for a lifetime. This experience is full of learning about our Armenian culture and faith, making friendships that will last a lifetime, and experiencing God’s creation in a natural setting.


The Hye Camp program operates at Archbishop Vatche Hovsepian Camp, which is a 160-acre property located in Dunlap, California, about 35 miles east of Fresno. It is within five miles of the entrance to Kings Canyon National Park, at an elevation of 4,400 feet. The property offers a unique, serene retreat setting, perfect for reflection and fellowship.

During the summer, the Diocese hosts Hye Camp, which consists of 4 one-week sessions. Make sure to visit their sections on Campers and on Staff to learn details about the Hye Camp program.


The Hye Camp Program began in 1964 with 32 participants. Originally called the Summer Religious Study Conference, it ran from July 27–August 8, 1964, at Dinky Creek in the Sierra Mountains. In 1968, the Executive Camp Committee, chaired by John Ketchoyan, restructured the Armenian Summer Camp, and the number of campers grew. Still today, Hye Camp holds the same standards and practices with updated improvements. A unique bond was formed, and this little group, and the experiences they shared, became the mustard seed from which the current camp program developed.


The Diocese Summer Camp program has been created to nurture the bodies, minds, and spirits of Armenian youth in a natural setting, providing a stimulating and fun environment of community that inspires individual growth and the values of Christian fellowship.